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Junction 28 is a band hailing from Essex in the UK. Aiming to combine huge riffs, dense electronics and soaring vocals into one cohesive aural assault, the group is now ready to show its new face to the world. Formed in 2018 by bassist Dick Phantom, it wasn’t long before the band began ploughing through venues across Essex and Greater London. Other Members include drummer Tico Richie, guitarist Gary Digby, synth player Kit Sylvester and lead singer Craig Keeling. Junction 28 have released two EPs "Before You Drown" and "Echoes" available on all streaming sites.

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Craig Garrick

Lead Singer

Under his tough, rugged exterior Craig harbours the soul of a mischievous prankster. After failed attempts at fame and fortune on both the big and small screens, he decided to try his hand at music and joined Junction 28. He can often be found screaming at pigeons in the street, convinced they are plotting a coup. Craig incorporates his diverse musical taste directly into his songwriting, bringing a wide variety of ideas and styles into the bands repertoire.

Kit Sylvester

Synth / Electronics / Screams

Musical prodigy, visionary intellectual, sex icon, these are all things Kit Sylvester may have been had he not decided to join Junction 28 back in 2019. Originally billed as the band’s second guitarist, kit made the jump to synthesizers and electronics in 2020, bringing an all new dimension to the group’s music. Inspired by sounds ranging from ambient, techno and synth-wave, Kit creates music based on the personal belief that building immersive atmospheres and diverse sonic textures is the most important part of a musician’s work.

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Dick Phantom

Bass Guitar

The founding member and bassist of Junction 28, Dick is often found at the end of Garrick’s pranks. Even if his impact on the group's sound isn't immediately noticeable, once he emerges from the shadows his energetic presence both on and off of the stage is undeniable.

Gary Digby


Gary is the newest member of Junction 28, having only joined the band in early 2021. He has a varied range of music tastes from The Beatles to Scar Symmetry and all that’s in-between. Riffs, licks and harmonies dictate the majority of his music tastes.

Outside of the band he’s a bit of a jack of all trades (and a master of none), and also enjoys only the finest beer and top shelf gin.

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Tico Richie


Tico is the newest member of the band joining in 2023. After years of conquering Vaalserberg in the Netherlands in a pair of clogs, Tico realised that tap dancing wasn't for him. So Tico decided as he loved the beat, he would turn to the drums. 

Tico takes influences from bands such as Bon Jovi, Soundgarden and Linkin Park



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